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Many researchers have innovative ideas for products and services that could be of great benefit to the world but sometimes there can be challenges with communicating the technology and science into scale-up. There are always gaps for researchers, always too many things to do and not enough people to do them. The SICO-CHEM team bridges those gaps.

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Refurbished analysis equipment

Your Industrial Solutions from a Scientific Approach

Purchase and resale of chemical and cosmetic products


Dr Ayman KARAM
Ayman is the founder and manager of SICO-CHEM.

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Scientific Industrial Consultancy Office - Chemistry

Your Industrial Solutions from a Scientific Approach

Aleppo Soap

Scientific and Technical Consultancy


SARL SICO-CHEM offers a support, a training and a consultancy services to companies, administrations and people. Project management. Design, development and marketing of management solutions, skills development, performance and business organization.

Juridical expertise in all fields of chemistry, Juridical expertise in Arabic, English and French scientific languages.

Mediation and prospecting services.

Design, manufacturing, marketing, rental of various objects.

The participation of the Company, by any means, directly or indirectly, in all operations which may relate to its object by way of creation of new companies, contribution, subscription or purchase of securities or social rights, merger or otherwise, the creation, acquisition, rental, hire-management of any business or establishment; the acquisition, acquisition, operation or sale of all processes and patents relating to these activities.

And generally, all industrial, commercial, financial, civil, movable or real estate operations, which may relate directly or indirectly to the corporate object or to any similar or related object.

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